Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunshine Day


It feels like its been weeks and weeks and months and months and YEARS and YEARS since we last had a nice day. One thing I love about Oregon is our seasons. There is no doubt that we have at least three distinct seasons. But, because winter and spring tend to run together, February and Mrach can sometimes seem interminable. Since Morgan was laid off I've been feeling really, well, crappy and I've been in desperate need of some sunshine. God is smiling upon us because the last three days have been beyond gorgeous. I love the sun.

Wednesday Conor and I went to Gabriel Park to burn off some energy and he had such fun playing on the swings.

Thursday Conor and Morgan went on a three mile hike through Tryon State Park while I was in school. Don't they look so cute?

Today, Conor and I joined Kelly, Riley and Caden at a park in Lake Oswego. Its always nice to get out of the house even for a few hours. I expect that its going to rain tonight but it was great to have even a couple of nice sunny days. We are all looking forward to summer!

And this, well this is just plain old funny. A dog in a cardigan! HA!