Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things that make me happy

1) hot weather. even without air conditioning, i love hot weather

2) the way finley says "tattoo". it is seriously the cutest thing you've ever heard. and you probably will hear it becuase she wants everyone to admire her tattoo. her brother picked out a skull and crossbones which may not be the MOST appropriate thing but whatever, she likes it.

3) the other day i happened to look at conor and thought the color of his eyes was changing. I grabbed his chin and looked into his eyes. in the most exasperated tone of voice he said "I know mommy, i'm cute".

4) this email that I got from a friend a couple months ago: "If I haven't already told you a million times I love hanging out with Conor. He was the sweetest boy yesterday. As soon as I got in the car he told me he liked my sweat shirt (jacket) and I looked really pretty. Not the only reason I love him but it scored points. Then we had a conversation about Mommy and her friends and Mommy's new car. Then, "I love my Mommy!" You just want to kiss him all over. He was really a good boy yesterday. Went potty at the 5 minute mark (1 minute) like Tara asked and was totally ok. I told him It was snack time and he said he didn't need a snack. Till he found out it meant cupcakes. " i keep it on my bulletin board at work and read it when my kids are exasperating me.

5) my new yellow shoes that i got for $15

6) my new orange shoes that i got for $15

7) my friend billy who is awesome and an inspiring mom

8) my job which is challenging and rewarding and makes me feel like i accomplishing something worthwhile daily. it's also paying for a new fence and hardwood floors which isn't so bad either.

9) a freshly made bed. i make mine every day and love getting into cool, crisp sheets

10) friends who text me funny things and make me laugh during the day.  you know who you are.

11) lists.  makes me feel productive

12) getting my hair cut.  its like im a whole new person.

13) the color turquoise

14) the smell of rain on pavement in the summertime

15) morgan