Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter, part one of...oh I lost count

The Easter Bunny came early to our house this year so that Zack could hunt for eggs with us. The Friday before Easter was one of the rare sunny days we've had this year and we used the heck out of it. Because the front yard has far less poop than does the back yard the EB chose to hide the eggs out front this year.

First egg of the day

Zack finds an egg

Eggs in trees

That didn't take long

Eyes on the prize

Hands are full already but there's always room for more


You mean there's CANDY in here?

Zack finds candy too


Three little heads

Finley decides she's going to take take some for herself

Subsequently, Zack decides he's just going to get the heck out of here

Conor enjoyed three Easter egg hunts this year and as a result we have more candy than we know what to do with.  We actually have four Easter bunnies.  You know what happens to four Easter bunnies?  Mommy eats them.  Awesome.