Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just so you know

Yesterday was a super awesome day.  Conor and Finley and I had plans to meet a friend at the Children's Museum and despite us arriving 10 miuntes late, we had the best time.  Its not that the CM is so great, although it IS tons of fun, it was that my kids were freaking awesome!  Like over the top, 110%, not-even-kidding-you fantastic.

Conor played with four year old Ireland and two year old Adelaide and with all the other kids at the CM and not once did I have to reprimand him or redirect him or look over my shoulder to see if any other parent might secretly be judging me, my kids and our parent/child interaction.  (Come one, you know you do it too.)  Finley either slept, ate or just chilled the ENTIRE time.  I kept getting compliments on what a sweet, agreeable and adorable little girl she is.  She really is.

Yesterday was one of those days that made me really proud to be a mom and, more specifically, thier mom.

I was asked yesterday how I like being a stay at home mom.  The truth is that lately I have been struggling with it.  Sometimes I feel like I have a really small, insignificant life.  But I have to admit, its pretty great to make plans to meet a friend and her kids at 8:45pm on Monday night and be free to see them at 9:45am on Tuesday.  And then to have both kids be so (have I said this yet) freaking awesome, well, I kind of like being a stay at home mom.

At least for right now.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hood River

For our anniversary this year, Morgan surprised me with a trip to Hood River. Yes, you might be thinking, Hood River? Really? But its actually SUCH a cute little town. We stayed at the Oak Street Hotel

which turned out to be an adorable little bed and breakfast.  The room was tiny but clean which was fine with us because we didn't spend much time in our room.  The view from our window was worth the price!

We had planned to attend the local Harvest Festival but got so caught up visiting all the breweries that we ran out of time. Fine with me! Give me beer over booths of arts and crafts any day!

We walked the length of downtown (about 5 blocks) and decided on sushi for dinner followed by a movie in a theater that served - you guessed it - more beer! It was a perfect end to an excellent day (I did fall asleep during the movie but I'm not used to drinking so much beer nor am I used to staying up past 10PM. Yes, I'm a fantastic date.)

 We enjoyed spooky cupcakes

 We enjoyed beautiful scenery.

But most of all, we enjoyed each other.
 (Um, did that sound ridiculously cheesy?)
(Yes, I think it did.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Every year we go to the pumpkin patch.  The same patch on Sauvie Island, called Columbia Farms that we;ve gone to for the last four years.  Its smaller (much) than some of the other pumpkin extravaganzas on the island but we like it because the pumpkins are actually on the vine and the crowds are not quite as intense. The first year we were back in Oregon, looked like this.


 That's Conor in there
 No kids, just pumpkins
See how young and refreshed we look?

The next year we added a participant.  We had a good time that first year, but Conor made it so much more fun.


The next year Conor was a little bigger and had a blast climbing the haystacks.


 Kristen and I are both pregnant here but I don't think either of us knew it at the time.

 Sucking on his traditional honey stick.

This year was a whole different ballgame though.  With the addition of our two babies, our family pictures keep getting bigger and bigger.

 Once there were four, now there are seven
 Whoa.  Daddy got a biiiiiig punkin.
 Conor picked this pumpkin himself.
 A Finley sized pumpkin
 A family of four
 Big girls
This year I got to play on the top, too.

It's fun to develop traditions like this as a family.  While Sauvie Island is a bit of a drive, and there are many pumpkin patches closer to home, I really like the continuity of four years at the same pumpkin patch.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I do not believe in soul mates, a fact which wounds Morgan's more romantic sensibilites. I'm far too logical to believe that, out of the billions of people in the world, there is only ONE right person for each of us. I am not romantic at all. In fact when someone says romance the first thing I think of is schmomance. If you want to woo me, don't get me flowers, empty the dishwasher.

Morgan, on the other hand, believes that I am the one person in the world who was meant for him. Its interesting that we can have two such differing opinions and yet still be so happy together.

Today we have been married five years. And every day with him makes me believe just a little bit more in soul mates.

Happy anniversary, Morgan. I love you a real whole lot.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've started running again. I was running quite a bit when I got pregnant with Finley and continued to do so for a few weeks into my pregnancy with her. but then I felt I needed to stop and I've just now started back.

Man! Its hard! Its hard to find the motivation to go for a run or spend 20 minutes on the treadmill. Its physically hard on parts of my body that are not currently in a position to accomodate running.

But I really feel good about myself after a run. Even if I can only run for about 10 minutes at a time today, I know next week I'll be able to run 12 minutes and the week after that...who knows?

My goal is to be ready to run the Run Like Hell 5k on October 24th. I ran the 10k last year and while I'm not quite ready to attempt 6 miles, I think I can be ready to log in 3 miles when the 24th rolls around.

I've been posting on Facebook each day that I run and I'm finding its helping to keep me motivated. Its like 200+ online "friends" are holding me accountable.

Wish me luck! Or, if not luck, than the emotional fortitude to keep on running.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Out front

We don't spend much time in our front yard. We have a big beautiful backyard and just spend most of our outside time out there. Not sure why but we ended up out front earlier this week. Its a whole new perspective out there.

Blue eyes
Brown feet
Small grins
Big eyes
Big kisses
Big yawns
Family shot
Off center
Tasty fingers
Peek - a - boo
So quiet
Just cute