Friday, October 1, 2010


I did this once before but I think it bears repeating...

I love how Conor loves his little sister.  She has stolen so much attention from him yet he always wants to kiss and hug her and always (mostly) so sweet and gentle with her.

I love how he still calls raisin jzu-jzu's.  I actually don't know how to spell it so I so hope I will remember just the way he says it.

I love the way he watches Monster Jam on tv and then makes his monster trucks perform the same moves on the couch.

I love that he sings!  Everything from the Wheels on the Bus to the Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow.  I got that boom boom pow, them chickens jackin' my sty-ulh.

I love how he is mostly fearless but still will hide behind my legs if he needs a little more time. I love how he still NEEDS me.  I love that Daddy is here for fun but I'm here for love and comfort.

I love how I can get him to say anything.  Anytime!  From "I love you, mama" to "Say, HISTRIONICS, Sweetie", he'll say it.  I have Michelle to thank for this fun game.

I LOVE how he gets so excited about BIIIIIIIIIIG TRUUUUUUUUCKS!  Still!

I love how he has memorized all his favorite stories.  He hardly needs me around to read stories anymore.  This also makes me a little sad.

I love how everyone loves him.  He's such a sweet, kind, friendly little boy.

I love his enthusiasm for sports. Soccer, golf, baseball, he wants to play. I love his enthusiasm for his friends.  Zack, Wyatt, Gwenie, Taylor...he loves them all.

I love how SMART he is.  Letters, numbers, shapes, colors.  So, so, so smart.

I love him!

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