Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just so you know

Yesterday was a super awesome day.  Conor and Finley and I had plans to meet a friend at the Children's Museum and despite us arriving 10 miuntes late, we had the best time.  Its not that the CM is so great, although it IS tons of fun, it was that my kids were freaking awesome!  Like over the top, 110%, not-even-kidding-you fantastic.

Conor played with four year old Ireland and two year old Adelaide and with all the other kids at the CM and not once did I have to reprimand him or redirect him or look over my shoulder to see if any other parent might secretly be judging me, my kids and our parent/child interaction.  (Come one, you know you do it too.)  Finley either slept, ate or just chilled the ENTIRE time.  I kept getting compliments on what a sweet, agreeable and adorable little girl she is.  She really is.

Yesterday was one of those days that made me really proud to be a mom and, more specifically, thier mom.

I was asked yesterday how I like being a stay at home mom.  The truth is that lately I have been struggling with it.  Sometimes I feel like I have a really small, insignificant life.  But I have to admit, its pretty great to make plans to meet a friend and her kids at 8:45pm on Monday night and be free to see them at 9:45am on Tuesday.  And then to have both kids be so (have I said this yet) freaking awesome, well, I kind of like being a stay at home mom.

At least for right now.

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