Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Every year we go to the pumpkin patch.  The same patch on Sauvie Island, called Columbia Farms that we;ve gone to for the last four years.  Its smaller (much) than some of the other pumpkin extravaganzas on the island but we like it because the pumpkins are actually on the vine and the crowds are not quite as intense. The first year we were back in Oregon, looked like this.


 That's Conor in there
 No kids, just pumpkins
See how young and refreshed we look?

The next year we added a participant.  We had a good time that first year, but Conor made it so much more fun.


The next year Conor was a little bigger and had a blast climbing the haystacks.


 Kristen and I are both pregnant here but I don't think either of us knew it at the time.

 Sucking on his traditional honey stick.

This year was a whole different ballgame though.  With the addition of our two babies, our family pictures keep getting bigger and bigger.

 Once there were four, now there are seven
 Whoa.  Daddy got a biiiiiig punkin.
 Conor picked this pumpkin himself.
 A Finley sized pumpkin
 A family of four
 Big girls
This year I got to play on the top, too.

It's fun to develop traditions like this as a family.  While Sauvie Island is a bit of a drive, and there are many pumpkin patches closer to home, I really like the continuity of four years at the same pumpkin patch.

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