Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hood River

For our anniversary this year, Morgan surprised me with a trip to Hood River. Yes, you might be thinking, Hood River? Really? But its actually SUCH a cute little town. We stayed at the Oak Street Hotel

which turned out to be an adorable little bed and breakfast.  The room was tiny but clean which was fine with us because we didn't spend much time in our room.  The view from our window was worth the price!

We had planned to attend the local Harvest Festival but got so caught up visiting all the breweries that we ran out of time. Fine with me! Give me beer over booths of arts and crafts any day!

We walked the length of downtown (about 5 blocks) and decided on sushi for dinner followed by a movie in a theater that served - you guessed it - more beer! It was a perfect end to an excellent day (I did fall asleep during the movie but I'm not used to drinking so much beer nor am I used to staying up past 10PM. Yes, I'm a fantastic date.)

 We enjoyed spooky cupcakes

 We enjoyed beautiful scenery.

But most of all, we enjoyed each other.
 (Um, did that sound ridiculously cheesy?)
(Yes, I think it did.)

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