Friday, July 10, 2015


Dear Piglet!

Today you are five years old.  You are currently sitting next to me coloring and singing a made up song in your sweet little voice.  Of course, the song goes "Hello, Roxy, I'm going to kiiiiiiillllll you because I loooooooove you".  You are such a conundrum to me!  Fiercely, fiercely independent, and yet still needing mommy and daddy and the comforts of home so much.  For you, there's

almost no place you'd rather be than hanging at home with a coloring book or play dough, just chilling with mom and dad.

But then, when you do go out and play, you REFUSE to be babied.  It doesn't matter how much bigger the other kids are, come hell or high water, you are going to play right along side of them.

You are so much more affectionate than your brother and will run up to me mid-play just to get a little hug and a kiss and an "I just love you so much, Mommy."

You're still a tiny little girl with a head of wild blonde curls and blue eyes and long lashes.  You are, quite frankly, a beautiful little girl.  You love quesadillas and almond milk and apples that are "NOT CUT UP, MOMMY!!!!"  You are quite the little fashion plate, at least in your own eyes.  You have a very distinct sense of what is "cool" and "not cool" and you don't hesitate to tell me your thoughts on what I pick out for you.  Now, your outfits aren't exactly something you'd see in Baby GAP ads but they are certainly eye catching.

You say things like "my creation is AH-MAZING" and "this is so freakin' cute".  All of this five minutes after singing a song about murdering our cat so....

I still haven't figured out how to discipline you.  All the tactics that worked for your brother just don't work for you.  Take something away?  Sure mom, whatever.  Tell you that you can't play with your friends?  Cool, mom, I'd rather hang out with you anyway.  No TV/Tablet/etc.?  Great!  I was wanting to color a little bit anyway.  It's only by the grace of God that you haven't turned into an absolute nightmare.  Oh wait...Eh, it's fine.  You're so damn cute it doesn't even matter.

Oh Piglet I just love you so much!  I love your round cheeks and little bubble butt and your soft skin and curly hair and your independent/dependent spirit.  I see great things, AMAZING things coming for you and I can't wait to see what 5 brings for you.

Now, if you could just do me a favor and stop growing up so fast!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Dear Conor,

Tomorrow you will be seven. This year, as in every that has passed, I marvel at how quickly the time flies. I read something when you were a baby saying “the days pass slowly but the years quickly” and that never rings more truly than as I watch you grow from a baby to a boy.

At seven you are tall and lanky and SO full of energy. I’m watching you now and you are moving even when you are still. You’re a constant whirl of energy and movement and you frequently throw your body down on the couch cushions only to pop back up again. You fling your body around the room and onto the floor before you spring back up to dance around some more. I feel like you burn more calories in 10 minutes than I do in an entire day.

Over the last year you’ve honed your love for all things sports and will often pass up the Disney Channel for Sport Center or anything else on ESPN. Football is by far your sport of choice and you played on your first flag football team this past fall. Truthfully, you’re too long and lanky and unsettled on your feet to be a star player but oh my do you love that game. Your third season of baseball is coming up this spring and I’m excited to see the progress you’ve made over the last year. One of the things I love about you playing sports is watching you become so involved with the culture of teamwork and camaraderie; I hope the friendships you’ve developed through sports will last you well into your teenage years.

One of the things I love so very much about you is how easily and quickly you make friends. You’re not a boy who prefers to play alone and so you are always seeking and making friends. I also love your sweet and compassionate spirit. You hate the idea of bullying and you correct your behavior instantly if Dad or I mention that your actions might be that of a bully. You WANT to do what’s right and you WANT to make people happy. This could be both your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.

Can I talk a second about how smart you are? You are so amazingly, brilliantly, wonderfully intelligent. Your brain just gets things. I’m sort of awestruck when I read with you because it’s like all of a sudden you just know all of the words. Like all of the words in the world. When you read words like “chancellor” and “recommended” and “backsplash”, and understand what those words mean (what the hell is a chancellor?) my mind sort of stops because I realize that it won’t too terribly much longer before your knowledge will outstrip mine. You started learning Spanish this year and I was pretty worried about you because you’re taught in all Spanish. I needn’t have worried, of course. You’re a freaking 2nd language master and can read and write in Spanish like you were born doing it. In fact, at your conference this year, your teacher thought that we all spoke Spanish at home because your accent and comprehension are so great. Damn! Being good at sports is good, and being a sweet, kind and compassionate boy is wonderful but that you are so bright – that is my greatest source of pride with you.

I’m just so proud of the little person you’ve become and I’ll be forever grateful to you for giving me the one gift that no one else on earth can claim – you made me a mom and it’s just the best gift ever.

You’re growing up and growing away and I’m excited for you and terrified for you. And really, I’m just terrified for me. I just love you so much and I want to tie you down and watch you soar all at the same time.

As you grow and mature I start to see the man you’ll someday become and I can’t wait! You’re going to be so awesome. But, in the same breath, please stay little. You say to me that you’re going to be my baby forever and you believe that’s true but I know the truth. Someday, you won’t be my baby so today, the day before you turn 7 (SEVEN!!!!!) I’m going to sneak into your bedroom and crawl under the covers with you and snuggle you and remember the best day of my life. The day I met you.

I love you so much, Conor. And, do me a favor? Be my baby forever?

Happy birthday, punky. I love you to the moon and around the stars and under the ocean and right back to your bed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Friend Died Yesterday

My friend died yesterday. Those words have been running through my head all day and yet writing them here seems so final, so definite. When I heard the news it was like in high school when you're confronted with a complex story problem. Sure, you know all words but somehow, presented in just that order, it doesn't make sense. My hand flew to my mouth in a protective measure although I'm not sure how I could have found that protective. As though anything can protect you from the pain of losing someone close to you.

I've known Dan for fourteen years. I knew Dan before I was married, before I had kids. I met Dan when he only had two boys before the birth of his beloved little girl. Dan was the type of man that everyone loved, that everyone wanted to be around. He was a good, GOOD man. I truly don't know if I've met a better man. He was always up for a laugh or a joke, always willing to poke fun at himself and laugh at the irony of a half Japanese man eating ten cent Ramen for lunch.

I can still picture the way the apples of cheeks flushed red and lifted right up to his eyes when he laughed. Or how his eyes crinkled and his smile lit an entire room. As a man so focused and determined, he was never afraid to laugh at himself or take himself too seriously. Dan was the man who would dress up as a pimp or a pirate at Halloween. He was the one wielding the fart machine at the company Christmas gift exchange. Watch out when you sat down in the chair to open your gift. The present wouldn't be your only surprise.

Dan was always up for a chat and, in the first office by the back door, he was the first person I saw every morning and the last person I saw when I walked out in the evening. Dan was a constant in our office and even though his office is now dark, he'll always be with us.

My mind has been consumed over the last 24 hours with the things Dan will miss; walking his daughter down the aisle to shake hands with her nervous groom, watching his beloved boys graduate from college; holding his grandbabies. But, more important than the things he won't do, are the things he did do. The beautiful children he and his wife raised, the lifelong friendships that were nurtured through all of life's changes. The friends and family, near and far who will cherish the place he held in their lives. There's no one who met Dan who wasn't changed by him. His goofy, quirky, silly nature is something that we'll all miss.

Good night, my dear friend. I hope, in your final moments, you felt how loved you are, and how deeply you will be missed. And I hope you're looking down on us and smiling your good-natured smile and laughing your infectious laugh. Soon enough, our pain will fade and I promise you, we'll be laughing right along with you. Love you, Dan-o.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


“Mommy,” you whispered first thing this morning, “am I four years old yet”? I opened my mouth to answer but nothing came out. Instead my eyes filled with tears as I nodded and I found my voice, “Yes, baby, today you’re four years old”.

I’m not really sure how this happens or why but it seems like us moms spend our days wishing you would grow up, achieve the next stage. Rushing you littles through potty training and sleeping in your own beds and no training wheels on your bike. And then, one day, maybe it’s your birthday or maybe it’s just a Tuesday, it hits us. You are never going to be as little as you are in this moment. You are never going to NEED me as much as you do right now. And that’s at once incredibly liberating and mind bendingly terrifying. Because you see, little Piglet, you and your brother are my world, my light and my darkness.

Fin, you are simply a joy and a delight. Even on your worst days (of which you’ve had quite a few over the last year) you manage to charm the pants off most people. I’m not sure if it’s your bright blue eyes or the blond ringlets that still haven’t gone away or if it’s the impish way you bury your face in my neck only to glance, side eyes, with a sheepish little grin. Or maybe it’s your tiny little chipmunk voice which you use to get your way at each and every turn.

You are neither independent nor clingy but haven’t passed up an opportunity to snuggle over the past year. You are affectionate to an extreme often holding on to my legs, looking up into my eyes and saying, “Mommy, I neeeeeeeed you.” If we’re driving and you’re feeling particularly lovey, you’ll ask to hug my hand which you will pull toward your face and delicately kiss. You’re also prone to holding my hand in a parking lot and stopping in the middle of an aisle just to kiss my hand. I’m always torn in those moments. Do I hurry you along so as not to annoy other shoppers or do I revel in these fleeting moments, sure to be gone soon, and let you kiss my hand? I hope I let you kiss me often enough.

At night, when I’m putting you to bed, you grab my face in your hands (your still baby-soft hands) and say “Mommy, you’re my best mommy ever.” And then I die. How could I not? And then I kiss your lips, we rub our noses together and I say “I love you to the” (and you say, ”Moon”) “and around the” (“stars”) “and under the” (“ocean”) “and right (kiss) back (kiss) to (kiss) your (kiss) bed”.

I just love you so much! I love your spirit and I love your compassion. I love that you can play all alone while your brother insists on playing with half a dozen friends at once. I love you sneak into my bed every night, curl yourself up into the tiniest of balls and squeeze yourself into the crescent of my body, our foreheads touching, your wisps tickling my nose. Oh, I know that I should send you packing back to your own bed, but I get that these night time visits aren’t going to last forever. Far too soon, you’ll feel like you’re too much of a big girl to sleep with mommy and daddy.

And so, for today, I’ll let you sleep with me, and I’ll let you kiss my hands in the middle of a parking lot. I’ll let you wrap your no-longer-chubby arms around my neck whenever you damn well feel like it. And there will be people who think I’m spoiling you, but really, you’re spoiling me. And I will soak up these beautiful, short-lived moments with every part of me. Because tonight I’ll close my eyes and tomorrow I’ll wake up and you’ll whisper, “Mommy, am I five today?” Happy birthday, Little P.  Love, Mommy

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

He's six

Dear Conor, It's cold tonight, 27 degrees with a windchill that feels like 7 degrees. I just put you to bed and we had our usual snuggle and talk about your day. As it's the day before your birthday, I can't help but think of where I was this night six years ago. Time has dulled the memory a bit but I'm pretty sure it wasn't THIS cold. I remember going to bed the night before you were born and thinking to myself, wow, tonight is the night! I'm going to become a mom. And I did. But more importantly, so much more importantly, I became YOUR mom. And what a miracle that is. Out of all the moms in all the world, I was the one chosen to be yours. It seems somehow unfair to the other moms, you know? Luck, blessing, fate, whatever you call it, I feel really damn fortunate to have you as my boy. What what a BOY you have become. You're all tall (only 13 inches shorter than me!) with knobby knees, and long gangly arms and legs that you just can't seem to control. As often as not it seems like your wacky little boy limbs are moving as it not controlled by you. You certainly haven't grown into them yet and it seems like it's got to be years before your coordination will catch up with your incredible, unstoppable growth. Damn, child! You just keep growing! You're a bit of a phyisical marvel in that you're head and shoulders above most of your friends. Nearly everyone who sees you assumes you're about 8 and not about 6. And to be fair, that's a bit of a struggle. You look like an 8 year old but definitely behave like a 6 year old. Life for us lately is all about sports - football, baseball, soccer, tackling, running, jumping (falling, too). You NEVER stop moving. Just now, as I was putting you to bed, your body was flying out of control, all lanky limbs lashing out and you said to me, "Mom! I've got to get my wiggles out"! You seem to possess a neverending capacity for wiggling. There was a day not too long ago when I put my FitBit on your wrist. You love to watch Oregon Football and run around like a little tornado - a constant whirling dirvish of energy and momemtum. The FitBit was meant to record your steps, a quantifiable measure of just how much you move during your beloved football games. 4.75 miles. In one day. In a 10 by 10 area of carpet. In the space of one football game. Damn, child. It's no wonder you're skin and bones. Except for your little bubble butt. God, how I lvoe that little bubble butt! There are so many things I love about you, little man. So many. I love that you're smart - you're reading already and think the most fun thing is when I quiz you with "math stuff". I love that you're athletic. Your restless little body always in motion. Your lack of coordination brought on, I hope, by limbs growing faster than your bosy can keep up with. It could be that your lack of coordination is brought on by your blood relationship with me and your Nana who have a sort of innate ability to fall over. For your sake, I hope it's the former. But what do I love most about you, my sweet little stinker? Your compassion. Your natual ability to know when someone needs you to give a hug, a kiss, a "how was your day, mommy?". The way you sought out Elliott, the new boy at school who didn't know anyone. You're not afraid to hug and kiss or call me Mommy in front of your friends. Oh you're getting there, I can feel it, but you're not there yet and I am grateful every day for that small miracle. Because, for me, there is almost nothing better than the feeling of your long, bony arms wrapping around my neck and the way you say, "Mommy, I MISSED you today." God, how did I get so lucky? Conor, there have been days when I've felt like being a mom is just too much. Too hard, too much respomsibility, too much pressure, too high a chance of complete and utter failure. It's a big responsibility, this being a charge of a whole other human being. But every night, when I sneak into your room to kiss you goodnight and whisper I love you in your ear, I'm reminded how I wouldn't choose anything else. Of all the things I've done in my life, of all the things I have left to do, there is nothing, NOTHING, more wonderful, more profoundly satisfying than being your mama. You are my life, my little love, my happiness and my frustration. You are the best thing I've ever done. And so tonight, nearly six years after you were born it's time I say thank you. Thank you for making me a mom, thank you for making me your mom. Thank you. For being you. My perfect, giant, tiny, annoying, compassionate, perfect little man. I love you to the moon and around the stars and under the ocean and right back to your bed.

Monday, December 31, 2012


I say it every year but I love New Year's Eve.  Like, really, really love it.  I spend most of the year looking forward, accomplishing this task so I can move on to the next task and I rarely look back.  Frankly, who has the time?  But I get all nostalgic at year's end and I start reminiscing.

For me, this year has been consumed by two things, running and relationships.  In big ways, running has strengthened relationships with my two fellow runners, Niki and Billy.  We signed up for the Eugene Marathon next year and have spent the last few months of Sunday's trudging along the miles as we work towards twenty six point two.  There have been moments when I felt like an Olympian (who says there's no such thing as a runner's high?  I am clearly no Olympian!) and others when I felt quite certain I should quit, sit on the couch and get fat.  They come in equal measure so it always feels like a double accomplishment when I log in a good long run and don't die, puke, or faint.

I've felt conflicted this year about relationships that have taken a back seat and about others that have grown.  There's only so much time in life so where one relationship grows, another has to shrink.  Time, distance, changing interests, life just gets in the way.  I miss my friends but I am so blessed to have deepened relationships with others.

I still struggle with the same things I did last year, namely having enough time to do it all, and being ok with ME when I can't..  This may just be my issue, something I deal with on a daily basis.

As this year ends, in light of school shootings, mall shootings,  movie theater shootings, unimaginable gang rape, I can only wrap my arms around my babies, kiss their innocent little heads pray that they are spared exposure to the type of violence and evil that leaves me completely at a loss for words.  Because, really how DO you explain that to children?

But there's also been beauty this year.  A baby for my best friend, another on the way for another friend.  Watching my kids grow, play, fight, love.  Singing, dancing, running, writing (HA!  not much), lots of love.  2012, you've been a good year.  But I think 2013 is going to kick your ass.

Happy New Year, Friends.  Kiss your littles and each other!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things that make me happy

1) hot weather. even without air conditioning, i love hot weather

2) the way finley says "tattoo". it is seriously the cutest thing you've ever heard. and you probably will hear it becuase she wants everyone to admire her tattoo. her brother picked out a skull and crossbones which may not be the MOST appropriate thing but whatever, she likes it.

3) the other day i happened to look at conor and thought the color of his eyes was changing. I grabbed his chin and looked into his eyes. in the most exasperated tone of voice he said "I know mommy, i'm cute".

4) this email that I got from a friend a couple months ago: "If I haven't already told you a million times I love hanging out with Conor. He was the sweetest boy yesterday. As soon as I got in the car he told me he liked my sweat shirt (jacket) and I looked really pretty. Not the only reason I love him but it scored points. Then we had a conversation about Mommy and her friends and Mommy's new car. Then, "I love my Mommy!" You just want to kiss him all over. He was really a good boy yesterday. Went potty at the 5 minute mark (1 minute) like Tara asked and was totally ok. I told him It was snack time and he said he didn't need a snack. Till he found out it meant cupcakes. " i keep it on my bulletin board at work and read it when my kids are exasperating me.

5) my new yellow shoes that i got for $15

6) my new orange shoes that i got for $15

7) my friend billy who is awesome and an inspiring mom

8) my job which is challenging and rewarding and makes me feel like i accomplishing something worthwhile daily. it's also paying for a new fence and hardwood floors which isn't so bad either.

9) a freshly made bed. i make mine every day and love getting into cool, crisp sheets

10) friends who text me funny things and make me laugh during the day.  you know who you are.

11) lists.  makes me feel productive

12) getting my hair cut.  its like im a whole new person.

13) the color turquoise

14) the smell of rain on pavement in the summertime

15) morgan