Monday, June 15, 2009


I recently read a blog (I love blogs, I read them like novels. I think I'm following 30-something blogs right now) where the writer just wrote down all the things she loved about her kids. All those little adorable things they did that she swears she'll never forget but, inevitably, will.

Since this blog functions as Conor's Baby Book, or actually, our Life Book, I decided to write down all the little, adorable, things that I love about my boy.

I love Conor's fake laugh. Heh, heh, heh... He does it when he feels he isn't getting enough attention, like the other day he directed it at some lady at the grocery store. I think she was a little offended until I explained he just wanted her to pay attention to him. I love that he (fake) laughs whenever anyone else is laughing. He just wants to be included in the fun.

I love that when I walk into a room his eyes light up and he goes "Mama!" with all the love and enthusiasm in the world. It doesn't matter if I've been gone all day or for five minutes.

I love that he loves our animals. Every morning, when Tucker and I go in to get him up, he says first, "Mama!" then "Ta-ta (Tucker)" and "pet, pet, pet?" and gives Tucker a good thump on the head. I love how when he is on the couch Luna, he invariably tries to rest his head on her body. No matter how many times she has scratched him.

I love that he blows kisses and waves to young dark haired, dark eyed women he sees out and about. No interest in blondes yet!

I love how he says "mrow, mrow" when he sees Baby Jaguar on Go, Diego, Go! and how he calls Diego Dee-doh.

I love how he loves Tupperware and old plastic cups. He could have $1000 in toys sitting in front of him but he'll pass them all up to play with Tupperware.

I love the way he says two. I can't describe it, you just have to hear it.

I love how he is so big and smart and strong.

I love how when he runs he pitches his whole body forward and just goes for it.

I love that he loves water. Bath tub, pool, puddles, spilled water on the table, it doesn't matter. And then, how when the water cascades over his face, his beautiful long dark lashes clump together and then he looks up and its like a little piece of heaven.

I'll post a whole bunch of pictures soon, promise!

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Taneha said...

I love how he says his name!