Sunday, November 16, 2008


Its Fall here in Oregon and Morgan and I took the opportunity on a beautiful Saturday to rake the front yard. Considering we only have one medium sized tree, I was shocked by all the leaves. For his part, Tucker loved sitting in the pile of raked up leaves. Such a funny dog he is! Conor, on the other hand, thought the leaves were pretty terrifying. At least it seemed so by the expressions on his face. So much for our idyllic family photo.

We also met quite a few of our neighbors while raking. Its really nice to live in a neighborhood where everyone is so friendly. Most people have lived on the street for a long time, the longest, Herb, having lived here since the late 60's. Since it is a cul-de-sac, there isn't a lot of traffic and everyone hangs out and chats in their front yard. It seems like a street from another era. We love it.

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