Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And In Flash He Was Gone

So Conor is my baby. And I think I forget sometimes that he his not actually a baby anymore. Since Morgan was laid off and has been staying home with Conor I've been noticing more and more what a big boy he is getting to be. I guess I just keep thinking of Conor as a baby and so I don't push him to do the things that he is apparently capable of. In the last four weeks Morgan has taught him at least six new words, and he has learned motor skills that I thought were at least four months off. He, both of them, are just so amazing to me. The way they do things together is so different from how I would do them and honestly, Conor is learning so much from spending time with his daddy. It sucks big time that Morgan was laid off, yes. But, the last five weeks that Morgan has been home with Conor (far more time than I've spent at home in the last five weeks) have shown me not only what a dedicated and devoted father Morgan is, but also just how beneficial it is to Conor that his dear old dad is so involved.

Another sign of growth in our little one is his assortment of bumps and bruises. We were playing over at our friends Wyatt and Michelle's last Friday and before I knew it, Conor took off running down the driveway toward the street. It was a small residential street so he wasn't in imminent danger of being run over or anything and I was chasing him and he fell. And smacked the hell out of his little face. You can see the three places of impact. First, the initial bump on the forehead, then the scrape across the pavement and finally the skid to a stop. Poor guy. But, like the little trooper he is, he cried for a minute and then it was back to playing in the dirt with Wyatt. Oh my baby. Where have you gone?

Later that night Morgan and I were sitting, talking and Conor came running over to us (wait, I see a pattern here), slipped and smacked his head on the corner of the stool I was sitting on. At first I didn't notice anything beyond the ear piercing screams, because my goodness, that boy has a set of lungs! About five minutes later the goose egg appeared. YIKES! Quite literally, it stuck off his head about half an inch. Oy.

So that is the bumps and bruises portion of this blog. Now, onto the "WHAT is that in his MOUTH?". (SIDEBAR: does anyone really understand how to use quotation marks? Inside the punctuation? Outside? For this question I freely open the comments section.) In the course of 16 hours my son (notice I didn't say baby...babies eat only what you put in their mouths) ate dirt from the garden and...wait for it...dog food. Not one little kibble but a whole freaking mouthful of dog food. What a good boy Tucker is to just let him take it. I was wondering why Tucker kept eating the cat food. Now we know, Conor eats most of his food. Its just the food chain in action. Seriously, so gross. I was too horrified to snap a picture of this particular escapade, you'll just have to take my word for it.
And, in other news...listen to fun animal sounds! For those of you who don't know Go, Diego, Go, there is this completely random character called Baby Jaguar and when Diego says Baby Jaguar, everyone is supposed to say meow, MEOW! So that's what that is in the video...

And finally, how much does he look like his Uncle Alex here? And yes, I know I should probably cut his hair, but whatever, I'm the Mommy so what I say goes.

And oh the giggles! The GIIIIIGGGGLES! they kill me. Morgan is fake sneezing here which is apparently the funniest. thing. EVER!

Happy Spring everyone! Thank you for all your love and suppport, prayers and words of encouragement over the last few weeks.

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