Friday, October 16, 2009

A day in the life

Morgan and I are going out of town tomorrow for our anniversary and these are the instuctions/CRITICAL INFORMATION that I left for Kristen and Keenan. What? I didn't go overboard.

Breakfast – Usually a banana and 50 pcs of peanut butter toast (toaster is in cabinet beneath the coffee pot (more coffee is in the freezer)). Cut him off at some point because he will continue to eat toast forever. Also, milk.

Lunch – PB&J, Mac and Cheese, also there is some frozen broccoli/potato/cheese soup in the freezer (top shelf on top of the hot pocket box). Or whatever else sounds good.

Dinner – I bought all the stuff for popovers because I know Keenan likes them and Conor will eat them too, but feel free to cook whatever you feel like.

Bath – lots of bubbles. Also a rain slicker for yourself. A bath is not critical so if its too late or you don’t feel like it, that’s ok. It is however a great way to kill sometime before bed. I usually bring a book or a magazine. You know, because I like to be involved.

Nap time – usually put him down between noon and 1pm. He should sleep for two hours. He gets passie, bubba, a few stories, a song or two then in the crib. He should go right down. IF he wakes up before two hours have passed, go in, give passie back, roll on tummy, cover with bubba and leave. No talking or eye contact.

Snack – about 10am and when he wakes from nap. Crackers, raisins, string cheese, more toast if he wants it.

Bedtime – pretty much same routine as nap time just remember to turn on the heater in his room because it will go below 60 degrees in there and that is just too cold. Also, make sure he is in footie jammies to keep those toesies warm.

Coloring – he will want to color a lot but he has to be watched because, as you can see when you look around the house, he likes to color on walls, windows, furniture, etc. He gets one chance. If he colors on something that is not paper the second time, the crayons get put away. Paper for coloring is in the front of the top drawer of the file cabinet. He can color on the back of the paper that has already been used.

TV – he likes Super Why (8am, channel 10) and Sesame Street (9am, channel 10) also, Diego and Dora, but I don’t know where to find those shows. Also, there is an Elmo DVD in the player, just hit the “input” button on the side of the TV until you get to “component 2” and it should start playing. Not sure where the remote for the DVD player is so you have to use the buttons on the actual machine. I know, we live like animals.

Wild Life – Tucker gets one cup of food in the morning and one in the evening. His food is in the closet in his room. Luna gets food when her bowl is empty. It is under the utility sink. Carl gets one pinch of food when he looks hungry. He’s a very expressive fish.

STroller– the stroller is in the garage. There is a latch/hook thingy on the right side. Release it and pull the handle up and back towards yourself. It should unfold. Don’t even try to refold it. Just park it in the garage when you are done. It took me two weeks and special ops training to figure out how the get the damn thing to collapse enough to fit in the trunk of my car. He does need to be strapped in though or he will try to jump out. I suggest you bring some cars if you go for a run with him.

Bed - there are clean sheets on our bed or you can be like mom and sleep on the couch.

And this, folks is just the preliminary draft. I'm sure I'll add more before we leave tomorrow. Just a day in the life!Hello Cutie McHaircutWhy, yes I am adorable, thank you very much.

Um, can someone let me know who dropped this eight year old in my house?

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geralyn said...

Totally hysterical. I especially loved the part about no talking or eye contact. It must be how the Amish do it when they shun someone. You know, but by the 4th kid you would (translation I would) leave them with the homeless man with the sign standing outside of Washinton Square. Come on, he looks friendly enough. Enjoy your anniversary!!!!