Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flowers and freakouts

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
― C.S. Lewis

You know how sometimes you hear just the right thing at just the right time?

I think I"m going to go back to school.  To get my MBA in Healthcare Management.

I'm a little freaked out by this.  (Morgan, who is just now reading this is more than a little freaked out by this.)

Here's the thing:  I was planning on getting my Masters degree anyway.  I was just planning on getting a Masters in teaching.  Now that the whole teaching profession has gone in the crapper (not that teaching is crappy or that teachers are crappy just that the great state of Oregon has decided that educating our children is not really that important and the districts are no longer hiring new teachers because they've got so many experienced teachers that have been laid off - and I lost my train of thought.  Teachers = Good.  Just for the record) it doesn't seem very financially responsible to spend $25,000 on a degree which leads to a job that I can't possibly be hired for.  But!  I need a job.  And I might as well have majored in under-water basket weaving for all the good my degree in Social Science is doing me right now.  And healthcare is a huge, growing field!  And the BLS website says they make more money (lots more) than teachers do and that the industry as a whole is expanding rather than contracting and...and...and...

Ok, breathe.  So, I'm going to an information meeting tomorrow at Marylhurst and one next week at Portland State and we'll see...

Wish me luck.
Thank you for listening.  Here are some pictures of pretty flowers.


amandy said...

Erin! You crack me up! Do it!!!!! Not sure where you find the time though....:)

Sarah said...

I personally benefited greatly from my underwater basket weaving class! Good luck in your new adventures!

Kathleen said...
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