Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow. Again.

A few more snow day pictures to share with you.
Conor sharing an apple with Buggy.
Our backyard after 14 inches of snow, covered by ice, covered by more snow.
Conor on a walk with Mommy and Buggy. Our nice neighbors took this picture.
Snuggled up in the Baby Bjorn. This kid is HEAVY!
Reading stories with Buggy. Such fun!

Our snow is gone, and while I'm there are some who miss it, I think everyone I know was happy to see it melt away. Its so beautiful but unfortunately Portland is not well prepared for snow and so the whole city sort of grinds to a stop. The city actually ran out of de-icer and the mayor was on the news joking (maybe) asking if anyone had any de-icer they could donate.

Good news is that we made it through safely and, despite a few minor spin outs on my part, we escaped with ourselves and our vehicles intact.


geralyn said...

Well Krissy Bug, you are now on Thomas' shit list. I think he thinks you have betrayed him. When he saw you with Conor he grunted, curled his lip, and stomped away.

Erin, you and Krissy are so darn cute, regardless of your advancing age. HEEHEHE I miss Conor and want to be there to hear him call your mom, Nana! We are missing out on so much!! We love you guys!

Kristen said...

I have to say, that's a pretty cute picture of me and baby.

Taneha said...

I miss the snow already. That is a cute picture of Krissy and Conor.