Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Sports

Our dear Arizona friends, Manuel and Katie visited us this past weekend. Since they had never been to Oregon we decided to take them up to Mt. Hood to enjoy a couple of days on the mountain. Morgan and Manuel went snowboarding and the rest of us decided to go snow shoeing. I was able to rent snow shoes and poles from school for cheap and thought it would be a great way to have our own bit of fun in the snow.

What fun! And so easy too. I was afraid it would be a workout in the vein of cross country skiing but it was so much easier. You just strap them onto your boots and away you go! We brought along Tucker of course, and about a quarter mile into our hike we passed another dog who looked just like a wolf. She and Tucker said their hellos and we walked on. About five minutes later, she showed up again and stayed with us for the rest of the trip. She and Tucker got along great and she gave Tucker a little incentive to run and play and get out some energy. Turns out her owner lets her roam the forest for an hour or so on her own and she always returns. Sounds a little scary to me, but as she was one of the best behaved dogs I've encountered, I'll certainly defer to her owner's expertise.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Good times with good friends!

Mountain Family.
We're so rugged!
Mommy and the Brown Abominable SnowBaby.
We're ready to go! See Conor strapped onto Keenan's back? Yeah that's an extra 25 pounds of dead weight.
I'm ready to go, Mom!

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Taneha said...

See you know you love snow!!! ;-) You wish it would snow here again huh?