Thursday, February 12, 2009

1st Birthday Madness

Hmm, what is this delicious looking treat?

Huh, I like this little taste.

Maybe I'll have some more?

Oh yeah. This is some gooooood stuff!

More, more, more! Give me more!

What a great day. A surprise burst of sunny, spring weather. Great friends and family. Fifty million presents and cupcakes. Nothing better.
Still can't believe my baby is one. Oh wait, did I already mention that? Oh, had his doctor appointment and got way too many shots, poor guy. He is 32.5 inches long (still 95%+), and 25.5 pounds (gaining a little in percentages at 85%). And, (yes, the doctor really did say this) he is advanced. Dr. G says that he has a larger vocab than most one year olds and he was very impressed with his animal sounds. YESSSS! Genius in the making. However, I always spell genius with an "O" so he obviously doesn't get it from me.


Kristen said...

Such a cute and smart baby!

Madison said...

He has gotten so much bigger snce Auntie Kathy's wedding. He is a little man now!! Oh and by the way I got a blog yesterday... CHECK IT OUT! I have added you as a follower on my blog so...Well I better go now bye!!