Monday, February 23, 2009

Can I get a Challah!

I made a Challah (traditional Jewish egg bread) for a class I'm taking on understanding international cultures and relationships. I'm ridiculously proud of how well it turned out as I am NOT a good cook by any measure.

Braiding the dough.

Braided and brushed with beaten egg and a pinch of salt.

Braided, brushed and baked. Oh my.

Sliced and ready to eat. So good.
*Special thanks to Kristen for the pictures*


Madison said...

Hey, are those your hands or your mothers in the picture? Your bread looks good enough to eat!! Good job there.

geralyn said...

That last post was actually from me. I didn't know Madi was signed on. Give Conor smooches from me.

Madison said...

HEY!! MOM! anyways!! YUMMMMMMMM! I want to come and eat it right now!! YUMM!!!