Monday, August 10, 2009

The Latest Stats

Conor had his 18 month appointment last week. His stats are as follows:

Height - 37.5 inches - off the charts. He's a giraffe. He gets it from me.
Weight - 29 pounds - 80%. On second thought, he's a gorilla. He gets THAT from his dad.
Head Circumfrence - Actually, who keeps track of this one? I remember it was the 75th percentile.

He's meeting all the fine and gross motor skills benchmarks and blowing away all the cognitive benchmarks. He can recognize all but two of the letters on sight. As in, "what is this, Conor?" (point to J) and he says "aJ?" He can count to ten (he skips 9 but who needs 9 anyway?) and recognizes all numbers on sight (excluding that pesky 9, of course). He is saying well over 100 words and learns a new one literally every day. I can hardly keep up. It is important to note that if you spill salsa on your pants at lunch and you accidentally say a naughty word, THAT will be his new word for the day. YAY!

He is finally beginning to enjoy independent play. More and more he'll wander off during the day and I'll find him down the hall or outside just playing with trucks or reading books or just sitting in a chair. Also, I will find him standing on the dining room table. So. It's not ALL good.

He is a joy and the light of my life. And cute as a freaking button.

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