Monday, August 10, 2009

Boats and Bikes

We went on a boat and finally (FINALLY!) got a great family picture. Thanks, Keenan!

Morgan tried wake surfing but because the boat is specifically designed for right footed (as opposed to goofy footed) surfers, Morgan (being a goofy footed surfer, skater and snowboarder) had a hard time. Still he got up, which is saying something.

While this picture was taken when Conor was unsure of the water, after a while he was loving it and jumping off the back of the boat.

We bought a bike trailer off craigslist (where else? we don't buy anything new anymore--why would you?) and Conor is clearly in love with his new helmet.

Ok, so he's getting used to it. About 10 minutes in, he was sound asleep. Also about 10 minutes in, Morgan got a flat tire so we had to walk home. Oh well.

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geralyn said...

I love, love love all the pictures. That is a great family photo of you guys. I hope you frame that one. Oh, and in the last pic of Conor in the bike wagon, I noticed he has my thighs. His however are easier on the eyes!!!