Tuesday, July 28, 2009

San Diego 2009

It's that time of year again, folks! Walsh Family Reunion 2009 has come and gone. What an amazing trip we had. Seriously so much fun, it totally makes flying with a 30 pound badger on your lap worth it. Yeah, I won't go into the flight because everyone who has flown with a toddler knows what I'm talkin' about. And if you haven't flown with a 30 pound badger (excuse me, toddler), you've been on a plane with one. However, a big shout out to Jet Blue for awesome free access to DirecTV. Conor was distracted from flailing about like a mad man by Dora and Diego for at least, like, 4 or 5 seconds.

The weekend though was great. We flew into Long Beach Airport (what up, LBC!) and rented a car (a toyota Yaris--seriously the smallest, most gutless car ever created. We're in Southern California so we're going 80 down the freeway ("when in Rome" and all) and I swear the car very nearly fell apart. I actually think the car is no bigger than a queen sized bed. And I'm being VERY genrous here. But...we drove about 250 miles in the thing and still had over a quarter tank of gas left. But wait, I digress) and drove into San Clemente to meet Ryan, Josie and the kiddos at the Rainbow Sandals Outlet so everyone could buy some overpriced sandals. Yeah, so I don't get it. Why spend $40 on flip flops? Morgan's reasoning is that they will last for five years. Great. However, I bought a pair of sandals at Target four years ago for $3.99 and those bad boys are still going strong. Whatever.

We then went down to the pier (harbor?) in Dana Point to look at the boats. Wow, did the boys love that! Conor kept saying a-boot?, a-boot?, a-boot? Dang, he is one smart cookie! After a-boot?s we went to Pizza Port for the WORLD'S GREATEST PIZZA. Also had a beer which I proceeded to sweat out in the 800% humidity on the coast (what, too much information?). We made it back to Tom and Lyn's soon after. The pictures tell the story best from here.

Sweet lil' Anna in the pool.

The house. Doesn't it look like some fancy resort? Folks, this is where Tom and Lyn LIVE. We stayed there for FREE!

My heart actually does a little jump in my chest and i get butterflies in my tummy when I see this pictures. That's right ladies, hands off. This one is mine.

Anna takes her writing very seriously. Is she just the cutest or what?

Kids very focused on their toys.

Bath time with JT and Conor. JT kept 'helping' by dumping huge cups of water on Conor's head. he's a trouper though and he took it. And then said "again?".

Buckwalter Family members chillin' poolside (yep, i just said 'chillin''.)

I guess they are catching up here. This was my attempt to document the festivities.

Conor and I swimming on our last morning. He LOOOOOOVES the water.

"Smile, dammit!"

Conor's first experience with sand. He and Anna played quietly and nicely for 45 minutes.

I wish I had been able to get a better picture. They both just look pissed off that I interupted their sand castle building.


It only took 10 minutes or so to wrangle this shot.

Conor loves to jump in the water.

"Here i come, Mama!"
I can fly! (not sure why this presents as a link. It doesn't go anywhere)Baby fist bumps. Look at the look on Conor's face. he could not be more in love with his cousin.

Just lookin' at the boats

Yep, he's the cutest.

Pictures like this make me wonder, "why don't we live in Southern California?"

See ya later, folks!

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