Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I go on and on about Conor on this blog (and me too) but I don't often show you all what Morgan has been up to. He's working for a company called Acme Scenic and Display and right now they have a contract with an amusement park in the Bay Area called Happy Hollow (is it just me, or is that the cheesiest name?). They are doing some pretty big renovations and Morgan's company has been contracted to do all the metal work. He's been building signage that looks like leaves, he's working on a metal dragon and most recently, he completed what he calls the Paul Bunyan shovel. He built it all by hand, no tracing, copying, or cookie cutters involved. How cool is he?

This is what TIG welding looks like. Please do not ask me what TIG welding is. I do not know.

Did I already post the wine rack pictures? If so, this is just to remind you of how freaking cool my husband is.

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