Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We went camping a few weekends ago. It was our first time camping together as a family and also the first time Morgan and I have been camping since we met. We both come from camping families and love to camp but for whatever reason, this was our first foray into the wildnerness together. I think I can safely say that we had a wretched time. Horrible. Dreadful. Rotten. Which is not to say that we won't go camping again. In fact, we decided that we're going to pretend this trip didn't happen and NEXT trip will be our first trip together. See how we can just thwart reality like that? Its the foundation of any good marriage.

I think the main problem was lack of preparation. The fact is, we have a kid now (Conor, remember?) and we can't just hop in the car at the spur of the moment and have a good time camping. From out trip it became clearly evident that camping with a toddler requires a reserved spot in a park, not a random (albeit SPECTACULARLY beautiful) spot on a lake. It requires planning on who is going to bring what and who is going to take what home. It requires bug spray with DEET. I don't know what DEET is, all I know is that the DEET free insect repelent is similar to no repelent at all.

So, all complaining aside we do plan to go camping again soon. In like, four or five years...
This is before we decided we hated each other and would NEVER go camping AGAIN!

Look at the dirty little tootsies! Awww...

Tucker, on the other hand, had a glorious time. He frolicked in the lake, ate pine needles, baked beans and squirrel poop. When we got home, he proceeded to throw up all the pine needles and relieve his apparent stomach pain all over the house. Nothing better than cleaning up dog poop at 6am. Who's jealous?

But, it sure is pretty.

Yeah, I guess we'll go back after all.

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