Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 things I love

conor and finley and they way they hold hands when walking down the street

my blankie and how I don't care if you think I'm stupid and childish and ridiculous (TARA!) because it makes me feel good

Top Ramen because it is so good I almost can't believe it's only 31 cents

conor's brown eyes and eyelashes to the ceiling, how I can picture them vividly even when he's not around

finley's blond curls because oh em gee they are so darn cute

Crossing things off a to-do list

boots over leggings because its like wearing sweats to work but I don't get in trouble for wearing sweats to work

my friends who are too numerous to name here. they are awesome and amazing and astounding and they surprise and inspire me every. damn. day.

my crockpot. really? do I need to say more?

Morgan. for the obvious reasons like he's a good dad and a good husband and he provides for us and he has a sense of humor but more for the less obvious reasons. Like, he puts up with me and thinks I'm amazing where most people would think I was crazy. he brings me coffee every. single. morning. he still sings finley to sleep. he's affectionate with me and the kids, in public, and it doesn't occur to him to be uncomfortable. he supports me in running and weight loss and laziness and weight gain. for loving me, unconditionally, through ups, downs and sideways. through excitement and bordom. for better and for worse, forever and ever.

Happy Valentine's Day!



Michelle said...

love. love. love.
you and morgan and those frickin' adorable children.
love you all.

geralyn said...

I'm so happy you still have your bubba!