Monday, April 2, 2012

Just a few more reasons why I love Conor

I went to a Blazer game last night and my friend Taneha took Conor to a birthday party. Here's what she sent me this morning...

"If I haven't already told you a million times I love hanging out with Conor. He was the sweetest boy yesterday. As soon as I got in the car he told me he liked my sweat shirt (jacket) and I looked really pretty. Not the only reason I love him but it scored points. Then we had a conversation about Mommy and her friends and Mommy's new car. Then, "I love my Mommy!" You just want to kiss him all over. He was really a good boy yesterday. Went potty at the 5 minute mark (1 minute) like Tara asked and was totally ok. I told him It was snack time and he said he didn't need a snack. Till he found out it meant cupcakes. I hope you had fun at the Blazer game. Conor and I had fun. Thanks for letting him go with."

God, I love that boy. I also love good friends who remind me how awesome my little man is. It can be easy to forget sometimes and a reminder from an outside source is always good.


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