Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Child in the City

There are so many things I love about living in Portland.  First of all, Portland embraces my new hippy lifestyle.  Second, Portland features the best summertime weather anywhere on earth.  (Yes, we have lots of rain too but we all manage to forget about that during July.  Its like SAD in reverse.)  Finally, Jamison Square.

All locals know Jamison Square and even for those of you who live out of town, I'm sure you've heard me mention it before.  In the heart of the Pearl District, Jamison Square is that perfect blend of park and  water feature and is surrounded by a Starbucks, a frozen yogurt shop, a ridiculously expensive kids clothing boutique and the streetcar tracks.

On hot summer days it becomes packed with children and families by 10:30 as us Portlanders try to find a way to escape the heat.  On Saturday we were there by 9:30am.  Conor loved it, Finley slept the whole time strapped to my chest and I was reminded once more why I will never leave Portland.

See the lady sitting on the left reading a book?  
I had a class with her and found that she financed her 
Master's Degree after winning $10,000 on The Singing Bee. 
Maybe I should try out for a game show... 

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