Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Sickness - Now with added Phlegm!

My poor little peanut. So she had the flu. Then pink eye. Then pink eye, AGAIN. Then two ear infections and finally, bronchiolitis. 

The flu was sad, the pink eye was gross and a little pitiful.  The ear infections and the bronchiolitis?  Horrible.  The poor baby has been coughing so much that she has lost her voice and when she screams no sound comes out.  Her breathing is so raspy you can hear it across the room.  And that's when she's not moaning in pain.

Her whole little face has been swollen and her blue eyes are red rimmed with cold-sickness.  She's got dry scaly patches on her face from all the snot.

She's finally feeling better and is able to eat and drink again.  In fact, after her 6 ounces this morning she devoured a whole graham cracker.  Thank goodness. 

She and Conor both got flu shots yesterday.  It seems the flu that is going around this year is pretty terrible and I'm not taking any chances.

Love and Sunshine from the House O the Virus,

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