Thursday, February 3, 2011

The sickness

I had this post all half typed out about how we're all so sick, so, so, SO sick but it was really just a litany of complaints - and who wants to read about that? - so I deleted it.  Suffice to day, we've been sick.  First a cold, then the flu (which spread like wildfire to literally EVERYONE we came into contact with), then pink eye and finally another cold.  Ugh.

I've had some various appointments and things going on and the kids have been in day care at church, at the hosoital and at the gym and basically, I do not look forward to going back to work and dealing with this stuff as an ongoing problem.

I guess the good news is that their little immune systems are growing stronger but considering the amount of vomitous laundry I've done over the last two weeks, I'll take weak immune systems and just never let them leave the house.

Conor has a birthday coming up (THREE!) and we celebrated with a party with his friends last weekend.  Conor's favorite part was the cake. Smart boy.  We'll be going out to dinner with Opa and Grandma on FRiday to Red Robin (because it is THE BEST place to take kids.  It's so NOISY!), then we'll celebrate a bit with Nana and Papa on Super Bowl Sunday.

While I won't have any candles of my own toblow out, I'll certainly be wishing for healthy kids when Conor blows out his.

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Michelle said...

the sickness. oh, god, the sickness. you know we feel your pain. hope you guys are feeling better!