Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today is my friend, Wyatt's birthday.  Have you ever met a kid who just steals your heart from the moment you meet them?  I felt that way about Wyatt when I first met him.  There was just something special about him.  I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I felt drawn to him.  Maybe its because he's cute as a freaking button.

Wyatt is one of those kids who is so sweet that even when he steals a drink from someone, you can't help but smile and then take a picture of him.

Wyatt loves shirts with buttons, Farmer and Picket, equally distributing toys around the room, dogs, cats and being referred to as Wolfie.

Oh yes, he also loves cake.  But, really, who doesn't?
This is his beautiful mom, Michelle.  She is one of the Monday Girls.
Wyatt is a happy boy, full of silly sayings.  He enjoys playing outside to almost any activity inside.
Wyatt was one of the first people to meet Finley and he was so gentle and sweet with her.  He'll make a great big brother someday.

Thanks for being such a great friend, Wyatt.  All us Walshes love you a real whole lot and hope you have a fabulous third birthday!

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Michelle said...

just so you know, i go back and read this all the time. i love it so much.