Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Toddler

Well the good news, of course, is our little baby girl. Yes, we have a short list of names, but we're not divulging them just yet. Stay tuned. (OK, turns out Morgan, who can't keep a secret to save his damn life (love you, babe!) has told just about everyone. Our short list is, in no particular order: Leah, Allison, Finley, Maelle (pronounced Mai-Elle)(there are way too many parentheses). We are still looking for middle names so, family members, shout out any family tree names that might suit as a modern day middle name.)The cutest little baby foot you ever did seeScary alien face baby. So cute.
Proof positive its a girl. If you're not sure what those three lines mean, please consult an anatomy textbook. After all, folks, this here's a family blog.
Baby Girl doing summersaults. The little dots are here spine and her head is curled down in the bottom left of the picture.

The "outside" shot.

We are truly pleased as can be that we are having a little girl. It really did take about a day and a half for the news to sink in. I must have woken up half a dozen times on Monday night and the first thing I though was "I'm having a girl!". Then, all day yesterday I would get this goofy little grin on my face every time I thought about her.

She's a mover and shaker and didn't make the ultrasound technician's job very easy. She kept bouncing around, doing summersaults and generally being stubborn about having her picture taken. In fact, we have to go back for another ultrasound next month because they just weren't able to get good shots of part of her heart or her left foot. My midwife assures me that they didn't see anything wrong, they just couldn't see some of what they wanted to see. I'm choosing to believe that everything is perfect and she was just being shy.

Now, onto the bad. Today was a rough day. Heavens! Has Conor been testing my patience! The whining and the flailing and, all of a sudden, the hitting and pushing. Really, the whining and all the rest is annoying but the hitting and pushing are Bad, bad, bad. And honestly, I don't know what to do. So far I either:
1. tell him firmly "no hitting" and then walk away or
2. tell him firmly "no hitting" and then put him in a time out

Neither are working. I know he's just being a 2 year old and he's developmentally "right on track!" But, seriously? I want to kick him off this track and onto a nicer, pleasanter, friendlier track. Or send him off to the circus until he can behave properly.

I think what I'm most frustrated with though is my reaction to his behavior. He's a toddler and is expected to not have full control of all his actions. I, however, am an adult and I am expected to have full control over my actions and, more importantly, my reactions. He just pushes me to the edge and all of a sudden I'm yelling this mean nasty yell and he turns to me with this scared look in his eye and I think "oh no. I"m one of THOSE mothers." You know. The yelling moms. The type of mom I really, really, REALLY don't want to be. And it makes me sad but at the same time, once I get there, its really hard to get back on the good side.

I'm not really sure where I am going with this only to say, we had a rough day. Its over now (thank GOD for early bedtimes) but I'm still disappointed in myself.

I should probably just go look for cute baby girl clothes on the internet. Yeah, that will solve all my problems!

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Michelle & Wyatt said...

I just spent nearly two hours reading this blog. I love it - I laughed and cried and I could totally hear your voice. I am so glad our lives crossed. I don't know what the last two years would have been like for me and Wyatt without you and Conor. Love you guys! m