Friday, February 5, 2010

A little lighter

I've been posting some pretty heavy stuff lately so I thought I would lighten up a bit. Kristen sent me this email earlier today and it had me laughing out loud. Being much funnier than I am, I'm going to post her words today. Enjoy!

Want to know what's gross? When your doctor says, hey you should start taking fish oil supplements. They'll be good for the baby. So you buy them and they are huge. But they're soft gels, those always go down much more smoothly than some big gross not soft gel.
Until this morning when it just won't go down. And you do that weird gross choke cough thing and the big pill ends up in your hand (along with a mouthful of water. awesome!) and you throw it back down. But it's kind of lodged in your throat. So you drink a bunch of water and assume it will go down.
And then you flip your head over to blow dry your hair and hey! Look at that! The fish oil soft gel has dissolved and now there's a ton of fish oil IN. YOUR. MOUTH. And all morning long you cough and burp and taste revolting fish oil. Yum, fish oil for breakfast.
Seriously, the most disgusting thing I have ever experienced in the morning. It's still lingering, 4 hours later. I keep eating so it will go away. It's not working.
Take away lesson... Don't take fish oil supplements.

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