Friday, February 26, 2010

An Update

Since I posted not long ago about my friend Reina's son Tanner who was diagnosed with Lymphoma not long ago, I thougt I would also post her most recent updates from her blog. It looks like good things are happening over there!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 10:37 PM, PST

After another overnight stay at the hospital and antibiotics every 2 hours.....we got to go home. As soon as the doctor said she was going to do the release paper work I practically jump from my bed and told mommy shoes mommy! We were home by noon and first thing first....wahwahs (waffles). After my nap Grandad and Grandma got here! So excited and we played and played. After a long day I slept in mommy and daddy's bed. I was fighting in my sleep......or maybe people trying to give me medicine.....I guess I hit mommy. Ssshhh...don't tell her I secretly was getting her back for making me take that yucky medicine.

Thursday, February 25, 2010 10:44 PM, PST

y woke me up at 6:30am this morning....we were going bye bye....but this time with Grandma. I was so excited....didn't even think about eating or drinking. We waited in the waiting room...this lady thought I was so handsome and kept talking about my eyelashes....I didn't like her talking about me....think maybe I was a little tired. Before my PET scan the doctors gave me nigh-night medicine....I guess I'm a cheap date. Two hours later they were done and when I a woke next mommy was holding me. It was a good nap, I was so peaceful....oh wait I'M THIRSTY...WAH please (water). No one would give me anything! Fine I'll get it myself, so I tried to legs wouldn't work! What did they do to me, I couldn't get my legs to do anything! Help

Next up my lumbar puncture, we hopped back into the car for day treatment. My friend Trinity was there....she was like sleeping beauty. It looked so good I tried to lay down too...but only if someone would please give me some drink! I tried walking gradma and mommy to get me drink....even resorted to trying to get coffee....mommy said they had to run to the store. They're always out....this hotel Legacy really needs to improve their breverage service! While we waited mommy was talking to Trinity's mom and grandma....I was bored so I pulled out mommy's shirt looked down and up at mommy and shined my dimply lil smile at her......she said, "Your just like your father" We all laughed.

Finally we went back for my LP and again the nigh-night medicine...did they not hear me I wanted water! Oh-well this feels alright and grandma and mommy were there.

Mom: Well since Tanner doesn't remember I'll fill on the treatment. Dr. Norwood told us that the intitial PET scan looked great 70-80% gone! By far the best news and day so far! Grandma and I we're like two giddy school girls shopping! Tanner was under so they started the procedure.....all the while grandma Carol was asking me questions. I'd explain and answer but I was no Dr Norwood. She asked if she could speak to the doctor....well if you don't like my answer. We giggled and Dr Norwood quickly commented on our obvious good mood. While Tanner was coming around, we discussed our plan going forward. Adding another chemo medicine starting March 4th. Consisting of 15 cycles every 21 days. Port surgery still scheduled for Monday if all goes well.

Tanner: First time I woke up in a decent mood. I didn't want anyone to touch me...but Dr Norwood quickly had me laughing. 30min later we were out of there....and headed to TaBell! When we got home, grandad was taking my jacket off and he knocked mommy's pop off the counter. Mommy was sad I was quick to slap grandaddy on the chest and said grandaddy did! Oh no! Rest of day was relaxing and playing.

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