Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I enjoyed a girls weekend this past weekend at my wonderful Aunt Nancy's cabin on Mt Hood. The cabin was perfect. Tiny, rustic but with flush toilets and easily traversible roads. I was joined by six really amazing women who I've known for years. A few of them I've known since I was in jr. high school and they were cool high schools kids. Never did I think I'd be drinking Spanish Coffee and having sleepovers together when we were all in our 30's.

I feel like women have better or stronger or maybe more sustainable friendships than men do.  Maybe it's because we're naturally more emotional people, maybe it's just because we actually NEED to have these relationships and will brave snowy roads and freezing temperatures in order to keep these relationships intact.

Whatever the reason, I'm so lucky to blessed with a big circle of girls that I can call my friends.  They're all beautiful each in their own way.

All of us

Jenn, managing to look gorgeous even while sledding down a mountain

Having dinner

Spanish Coffee!

Taneha, in her first round of our sledding competition

Lindsay, whose skin looks ridiculously beautiful

Nikki, in her classic Nikki pose.  What you can't see are her blue moon boots.

Kristen, trying to hide from the camera as usual

Tara, showing us how to Zumba.  We were not good.

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Jenn Sanders said...

And what a fantastic weekend we had!!! Thanks for putting it together!
I concur on the great group of women!