Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Besides my birthday and Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day has got to be my favorite day of the year. It used to be that I would go out and "celebrate" in true mid-twenties style. Alas, those days have passed and now I celebrate by dressing my kids in the cutest green outfits I can find.

I can't exactly put my finger on what is so fun about St. Patrick's Day but it feels like it has all the joy of Christmas, all the fun of Halloween and all the beer of Oktoberfest.  Plus everyone pretends to be Irish so I can walk around being all superior because I actually AM Irish.  Man, St. Patrick's Day might actually be better than my birthday.

I do miss celebrating St. Patrick's Day though.  Green beer just isn't the same when you dye it yourself at home.

And, happy birthday (tomorrow, I think) to Grandpa Joe, the finest Irishman (excluding my own dear husband) I know.

Whenever I dream,
It seems I dream
Of Erin’s rolling hills
Of all its lovely, shimmery lakes
And little babbling rills.
I hear a colleen’s lilting laugh
Across a meadow fair.
And in my dreams
Its almost seems
To me that I am there
O, Ireland! O, Ireland!
We’re Never far apart
For you and all your beauty
Fill my mind and touch my heart

Somday I'll visit.

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