Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is what happens when I am left unattended

My dear friend Jenn sent me an email earlier today with her recipe for cinnamon rolls. I only responded to it this evening while Morgan was out picking up a chair we bought off craigslist.

This email I sent to poor, unsuspecting Jenn is EXACTLY why I should not be left unattended with a computer on my lap.

Thank you! I can't wait to make these.

(Morgan thanks you too. Really, he's like contemplating asking you into our marriage. I think that's weird.)

(actually that's not true (the part about Morgan opening our marriage to you is not true. The part about me thinking it's weird is true.) I just made it up. Morgan's not even home now.)

(But! if he was home, he would certainly be excited that I have a delicious cinnamon roll recipe.)

(I think the fact that Morgan is gone is causing me to ramble via email)

(Do you sort of wish I would stop writing?)


(Oh thank God, I hear the garage opening. Once again Morgan saves me from myself.)

Wishing you sweeat dreams and cinnamon roll kisses.

What the hell is a cinnamom roll kiss?



Kristen said...

Yikes, poor Jenn. That's not too different from your unattended voicemails

Jenn Sanders said...

Oh, but I so appreciated the good laugh. Erin, you always good for some cheap entertainment!