Monday, December 1, 2008

The Cabin

Kristen, Keenan, Conor, Morgan, Erin, Tucker, Tillie (Kristen's dog)
The Family at Trillium Lake
Christmas jammies courtesty of Uncle Keenan and Buggy
I think he was waiting for Santa

One of the things I love most about Morgan is his spontaniety. I always want to be spontaneous but I'm usually too busy planning to remember to just do it. It's one of those great ways that we play off one another and an another example of how opposites really do attract.

After we had done the Black Friday/Cinnabon tradition Morgan suddenly decided he wanted to go up to our friend's cabin at Government Camp. So, out of the blue at 4pm on Friday, we packed up Conor, Tucker, the pack-n-play, the high chair, a bag for Conor, a bag for Morgan and I, a box of toys and my rubber boots and headed up the mountain. The best thing about this particular cabin is that the owner don't use it very often and when they used in the past it was only at Christmas. So basically, the whole place is decorated for Christmas all year round. Not just red and green curtains but a whole set of Christmas themed dishes, artwork, even napkins. The only thing we were missing was the snow.

We stayed Friday night, watched a movie and played games and took a hike around Trillium Lake on Saturday. As we were heading back home Saturday afternoon we stopped at the Christmas tree farm where we got our tree last year and picked out THE BEST CHRISTMAS TREE EVER! Ok, ok, I know we said that last year too, but this one is really great.

I've never been a big Christmas person. Somehow all the cutesy decorations, jingle-y songs and fake gaiety drive me crazy. Maybe it was pregnancy hormones or just the thought of Conor on Christmas morning but I can't get enough Christmas this year. So, the tree is up, decorated (with multi-colored lights which I normally can't stand but somehow this year look magical) and all my admittedly meager Christmas decorations are up. And its only December 1st! And I went to Goodwill today in an attempt to find more bargain basement Christmas goodies. Tree skirt--check! I can't wait to take Conor to sit on Santa's lap and watch him open presents on Christmas morning.

I tell ya, parenthood just keeps getting better and better!


geralyn said...

Erin, Conor looks so much like you did as a baby, though it is hard for me to remember, since I was just a little, itty, bitty kid myself!!HA Are those Hannah Anderson Jammies? Madi and Thomas had those and I loved them. Krissy bug looks so cute in her outdoor wear.....I know she is such an outdoorsy girl!!

geralyn said...

Hi Erin, It's Madi!
Everyone in the pic looks so cute and happy, including Conor! But the one thing I noticed was that it look like an adams family pic with the 1 dead stick of a tree in the background! Hahahaha!!

Kathleen said...

Wow! Madi you are so observant (not to mention stinkin' cute!) I would never have noticed the Addams Family-esque nature of the tree!