Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Oh my. There are no pictures in this post because that would take up too much room in my litany of complaints. I am so freaking tired of snow and being inside. It doesn't help that Conor is getting four (FOUR!) teeth and has been miserable and clingly and whiny and louder than such a small person should be. Poor little guy. He has one tooth that has popped though (next to where the top, center, right tooth is coming in) but the other three are still beneath the skin but close enough to the surface that you can see the white tooth. I'm doing my best to keep him doesd up with Tylenol and am seriously contemplating rubbing brandy along his gums as apparently my grandmother did with my mom and aunts. But really, that's just brandy that won't be in my egg nog so I better save it!

So anyway, we are leaving the house today. We have stocking stuffers to buy for MOrgan and I think I"m going to stop by Niki's (surprise, Niki!) and comiserate with a fellow stranded cabin-fever-suffering mommy.

Did you know that both the mailman and the paper person have tromped through the snow each and every day to deliver our mail and newspapers? I mean, these fellas are amazing. Also, did you know that all three local news stations have been broadcasting nothing but weather news from 4am until 11:30 (LITERALLY!) for the last 8 days? Did you know that this is really annoying but even more annoying are those people who actually write into the newspaper to complain about it? I mean, come on! The Price is Right is great and all but I don't think I've ever been so irritated by missing a TV show that I felt compelled to write to the newspaper.

Oh my. This post is getting ridiculous. I'll end it for now. I promise that in the next post I will ramble less, and post pictures more. I know you're all here to see pictures of my adorable little chomper and not listen to me babble.

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