Monday, December 1, 2008

OMSI - An Urban Mama's Oasis

The ball pit.
Playing with the wall of beads
Conor's Newest Trick. Say, YAYYYYYYY!
Just hanging out with Zack.
Conor loves the "big" kids

Conor and I went to OMSI last week with our dear friends, Christy and Zack. Zack is exactly one week older than Conor and Christy and I met at a New Mom's Group that is generously hosted by St. Vincent's Hospital (More on the new mom's group later. I need lots of time to go into just how much I love them) for mom's who have recently delivered there.

Christy and I are similar in that we both need to get out of the house frequently lest we go a little crazy. So she called on WEdnesday and suggested that Conor and I meet her and Zack for a couple hours of good ol' OMSI fun (for you out of towners, OMSI is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). They have this great room for kids under six and a smaller area within that room for kids under two. It was so great and Conor loved it. He played in the ball "pit", made faces at the fish in the eye-level fish tank, and generally had a good time with his lil' buddy.

Many thanks to Christy for getting Conor and I in on her free pass and getting us out of the house so mommy and baby keep their sanity.

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