Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa, Baby

Evidently, when said baby is only 10 months old, Santa is scary as...well, you know. And really, when I think about it, when would we ever say to a strange man, hey, dress up in this costume and hold my baby. Meanwhile, I'll stand back here and jump around like a crazy person to hopefully induce a smile out an obviously unhappy baby.
Yes, Conor and I visited Santa yesterday. We went downtown to Santaland at Macy's where Kristen and I used to go as kids ourselves. In fact, my mom and her sisters also went to Santaland (back then it was Meier and Frank) so it was a kind of tradition that we picked that Santa. Meier and Frank used to have this great kid wonderland-type Santaland with an actual train that ran along the ceiling that kids could actually ride in. In a word, AWESOME! But the train got old and they don't do that anymore. Too bad, because in a few years Conor would have loved it.

So, our first Santa experience wasn't the best, but maybe next year. Enjoy the pictures. Oh yeah, Santa said I could sit on his lap too. Yikes.


Taneha said...

Oh poor Conor!

Jill said...

Too Funny!!! :-) I think at 6 months they're too young to know how creepy those Santa's are (we lucked out on the timing).

Hope your Holiday Season is wonderful!! It's amazing how rad things get when a wee one is around. :-)