Tuesday, March 23, 2010

25 Weeks

I had my 25 week appointment yesterday and a follow up ultrasound as well. During the first ultrasound Baby Girl was being a little uncooperative and wouldn't quite give us the view we wanted of her heart or her left foot. There was also some question about the placenta which I tuned out because ew, placenta. Gross. Heart looks awesome with all four chambers pumping along as they should. Also, her cute little feet were crossed at the ankles and adorable as only baby feet can be. All of her bits and pieces look great and she is weighing in at 1 pound, 9 ounces and some number of inches long which I can't remember right now. Totally normal in the growth department.

NOTE: If the thought of the placenta or the umbilical cord are gross to you, skip this next bit. The placenta and umbilical cord are giving us some problems though. Normally the umbilical cord inserts on one end into the placenta very near the center and into the baby through the belly button (well, its not a belly button yet, but you know, it will be. Someday.). Apparently the umbilical cord has a marginal insertion which means that instead of being inserted into the center of the placenta its inserted somewhere near the edge. This is probably not a big deal but they do need to check again to make sure that the umbilical cord isn't inserted into the membranes at the edge of the placenta. As long as the umbilical cord is just off center, there really aren't any issues. They may need to monitor Baby Girl's growth a little more carefully but otherwise, everything is probably fine. I should know more in a month. I figure it can't be anything too serious if they are making me wait another month to do a follow up ultrasound, right?

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for...

The cutest little girl you ever did see.

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