Friday, March 12, 2010

And so it goes, folks, and so it goes

The very same day I write a glowing tribute to our stupid a$$ dog, he not only eats two Tupperware lids but then proceeds to vomit all over the carpet. Then, as if that isn't bad enough I notice that he has managed to somehow vomit BEHIND and ON my favorite chair in the living room.

Oh yes, I took pictures. Seriously? So disgusting. And this is why I call Tucker a Stupid, D%^*, A#%-hole, and tell him to go play in traffic.

Free dog, everyone. First one to my front door gets him.

The wide angle. At this point I'm wondering, what the hell is that? Notice its on the window, the window sill, the wall, the carpet AND the chair.

Oh no! The close up.

What I can only imagine must have been Tucker's view.

Seriously, I hate this dog.

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Jenn Sanders said...

Um, thanks sharing the lovely detailed pictures. Don't ya just love dogs! :-)