Saturday, March 13, 2010

I am so proud

Some people automatically begin their careers immediately after high school or, more often, college. Others work their way into their careers though roundabout or circuitous routes. And some people always know what they want to do but find that first one thing and then another gets in the way.

Morgan has always wanted to be a firefighter. I think the drama and the excitement call to him in a way that other careers just don't. And he's a helper and a fixer and I can't think of a better job for fixing things and helping people.

But, as so often happens, life gets in the way and dreams are deferred. I'm learning that its never too late to go after what you really want in life, even if it means starting over, starting at the bottom.

Morgan, it seems, is learning this too. About a year ago, Morgan decided to look into joining the Portland Fire Department. He discovered that they only do hiring once every two years or so, but that you can get on a notification list to be invited to the testing process. In early January the notice came and Morgan had to submit his name and Social Security Number for a preliminary background test. Once he passed that (wooo hoo, my husband isn't a criminal!!!) he was invited to take the written/mental aptitude test.

He was nervous. Morgan doesn't consider himself a smart person. At least not "book smart" as we like to call it. And yeah, if he was given a standardized, scantron-type test, he probably wouldn't do so well. But as I tell him all the time he IS smart. He can visualize ideas and concepts in his head that boggle my mind. He can solve complex mathematical problems involving algebra and trigonometry and probably some other types of math that I don't even know exist. Something to do with a compound radius. Or whatever. He can build ANYTHING and his creative mind never stops imagining how to make things better and faster and stronger and more efficient.

So, back to the test. He took the test at the Portland Convention Center along with a mere FOUR THOUSAND other candidates. Yes. Four thousand.

And he passed.

Yesterday he received the notification and has been invited to the second phase of testing, the Physical Agility Test. The test will consist of 9 stations. To pass the test, he will have to complete all 9 stations (wearing 100 pounds of gear, I think) in 8 minutes, 2 seconds.

Good job, Babe. I am so, so, so, so, SO proud of you. You are an amazing man and I am so honored to be your wife.

Also, firefighters are damn sexy.


geralyn said...

I am so proud of Morgan and excited too. He is a wonderful man and I think he will be a great firefighter. Nana always said Firemen made the best husbands and their wives were inevitably happy. I wonder how in the hell she knew that???? Congrats to morgan!

Jenn Sanders said...

That is so exciting! Please tell him congratulations from Troy & I. We wish him the best!