Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catching Up

I need to get caught up on blogging for many different reasons. First, you'll notice my new format. The other was too busy I thought. When and if I have the time and inclination I might spice it up a bit more but that will probably far exceed my technical abilities. Also, if all works as planned, check out my new signature at the bottom of the page. How cool is that? Thanks, as always, to Niki who teaches me everything I need to know about how this thing called the Internet works.

I feel like we've been very busy lately yet I really have nothing to show for it. Conor and Morgan were both sick with Conor having yet another ear infection (second in 4 weeks, YAHOO!!!!) and Morgan had to go to San Jose for work for a few days last week. Honest to God, I don't know how single parents do it. Those three days were so challenging. It wasn't that I was doing double the work, somehow I was doing triple or quadruple the work I normally do. I won't lie, Baby Girl and I had a beer. Well, not the whole thing, but yeah, my sanity required it. DON'T JUDGE ME!

Anyway, Morgan is feeling better and Conor is still mending but it looks like the ear infection is gone at least. Bad news it that I think I am coming down with it now. I was so sure I had missed it too. Oh well, such is life. At least the life of a parent.

I posted a while ago about Conor's funny beer comment. Seriously, this kid keeps Morgan and I in stitches every single day. I had to post these funny things he's said recently so that grandparents (and others) can enjoy them but also so that Morgan and I can go back years from now and still be entertained by the amazing and witty things our boy says.

Last Weekend:
We had just woken Conor up from a nap - I know, cardinal sin but he had already slept for three and a half hours and I needed him to sleep that night! - and told him he was going to get to go see Buggy and Uncle Keenan. As a bit of a backstory, Buggy is pretty dang cool in Conor's eyes, but Uncle Keenan, well he's Supremo Coolio, the bees knees, AND the cat's meow in Conor's mind. So, back to Saturday afternoon. Conor goes, "We go see Buggy and Uncle Keenan? That's AWESOME!"

Monday Night:
One of Conor's favorite things to do is look through our wedding and honeymoon pictures. He gets a kick out of identifying all the people in the pictures. Super good times. So we're sitting there, the picture of an idyllic family and Conor points to the photos and goes, "Oh, those pee-tures are REALLY NICE."

and then...

"Oh Mommy's so cute." And the kid speaks the truth!

And, in baby news, I'm about 23.5 weeks which means I'm THIS close to the 6 month mark. And my belly is getting really big. At least that what people are very sure to tell me when they see me. THANKS FOLKS! Your belly looks big too!
See, I'm not THAT big

ANYWAY...I feel great still and, having been determined to enjoy the hell out of this pregnancy, really feel good about being pregnant this time around (knocking wood and crossing fingers).

A few days ago Morgan and I were discussing names and he, are you ready for this???, gave me FULL NAMING AUTHORITY. I know! I was just as surprised as you are. Morgan has VERY strongly felt opinions on LOTS OF THINGS and for him to relinquish his ability to tell me that my ideas are stupid. Well, it was huge. (Just teasing, Babe. I mean, a little.)

So, now I have all this power and I am alternately drunk with it (what if we name her Bertha Ilene? BWAHAHAHAHA!) and terrified by it (I have to do this all by myself? But what if I choose wrong? What if she hates her name and then hates me and then, and then, and then?). But, no pregnancy hormones are NOT bothering my right now, why do you ask?

But, after much deliberation and thought and careful scouring of baby name lists, I think I have settled on Baby Girl's name. I'm not going to disclose it just yet because I want to sit with it a bit longer and make sure that I've picked the right one. I think though, that its a nice blend of family history, uniqueness and a reflection on our Irish heritgage. So, stay tuned in the coming weeks.

School is almost over for Winter Term after which I'll have a week off for Spring Break (remember when we used to DO stuff for Spring Break?) and then I begin MY LAST TERM OF MY UNDERGRADUATE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE. Best of all, I only have to take 8 credits 4 of which will be the online variety meaning I will only have to heft my rapidly growing self (see above) to school for 2 hours twice a week. And then, a mere 12.75 years after I began college, I will graduate. This is advance warning that I fully plan to walk across that stage to accept my diploma. Maybe that's silly and maybe the ceremony is just a formality, but these last two years have been hard and a whole lotta work and a whole lotta money and a whole lotta time away from Conor and I want to be able to have that symbolic moment when I walk across that stage and say "I did it!"

That's all for now, folks. Walsh, out!

Ooh, the signature worked! I'm so savvy. :)

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