Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dinner Calendar

Thanks to everyone who suggested frozen dinner ideas. I took lots of ideas and compiled them into this Dinner Calendar.

I'll be cooking away this weekend! Wish me luck. :)

Michelle - can you send me your recipe for baked ziti?
Kristen - can you send me your recipe for french onion soup?


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Niki said...

erin- i meant to post yesterday but forgot! THe best tip I have is to go grab 5+ pounds of ground beef. Brown it all in a pan with some onions then package it into 4-5 ziplock bags. Seal the bags and freeze each of them. Then, when you are in a bind, you at least have ground beef to start with. You can throw it in mac & cheese, heat it and season with taco seasoning for tacos, taco salad, roll up in tortillas for enchiladas, throw in a can of tomato sauce and layer for lasagna...the possibilities are endles.