Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What do these people have in common?

My midwife
My friend
The manager at Oswego Grill
Another friend's friend
The people from the East Coast I met today
My other friend's Mom's co-worker

All these people either have a child (boy or girl) named Finley or have considered or are planning on naming their daughter Finley.

Seriously?  Finley was a brand new, never before heard of name only 6 months ago.  I swear!

I truly thought Finley was the most original name ever when we picked it for Finley.  I had honestly never heard it before and was sure that my Finley would be the only Finley in her Kindergarten class.

My best friend and I share the same name so I suppose its not the end of the world that she will be one of many, however I had really hoped that...I don't know.  I guess I just hoped she would be the only one.


geralyn said...

It was the same with Madison's name 13 years ago. The day she was born at St.V's 4 other girls were born and they all were named Madison too.

Finley has become really popular here too, but more for boys. No way to get around the name game, sadly. Either way, at least you know she's the prettiest!

Taneha said...

I am telling you...Taneha such an uncommon name. ;-)

I really do love Finley though and I have never heard of another.