Friday, August 13, 2010


Did you know that fidgeting burns 300 calories a day? 
And recently I have been shake, shake, shaking my body (in a very fidgety way) to soothe this here baby of mine. 
So much so that I would estimate I've burned 900 calories a day in fidgeting alone. 
That, combined with the 500 calories I burn from breastfeeding comes to a total of of 1400 calories. 
If you add that to the the 1500 calories a day that I'm supposed to be consuming you get 2900 calories.  And you should really round that up to 3000 because who likes odd numbers? 
And so, since I should be consuming 3000 calories a day, it makes perfect sense that I ate 15 Chips Ahoy cookies in less that two days.

Buh-Bam!  Rationalization.

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