Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It occurred to me yesterday that rather than writing a post about how I didn't have time to write a post, I could have, you know, written down one of those posts floating around in my head. Duh.

Hey! Dere's an egg right dere!
Whoa! M-a-M's!
Love Morgan's face here Hey Daddy, dere's another biiiig truck right here!More eggs.Cute little baseball Easter egg basketThe last egg

Easter was such a great day this year. It was the first year we actually bought candy and did an easter egg hunt and Conor loved it! It would have been so much fun to do it outside but it was pretty wet that day so we hid them all over the house during his nap. Too cute.

on Saturday before Easter Conor and I went to the Easter Egg Hunt at my dad's church and Conor collected tons of loot there too. (We now have waaay too much candy in our house.) Conor was pretty fascinated with all the kids there (like, a million - at least that's what it seemed like) and the bouncy house. He wouldn't actually get into it but he loved standing just outside and watching all the kids bounce around.

This is the face of one seriously tired, overwhelmed little boy. But man! What a cutie.

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