Monday, April 19, 2010

Morgan can hardly keep it together for presents. Birthdays, Christmas, any event where presents are well, present, he can hardly keep it together. But its not presents for himself that get him all excited, no its giving presents to others. (Actually, he gets adorably uncomfortable when on the receiving end.) I can't tell you the last time I actually waited until the actual day, be it Christmas or my birthday, that I have had to wait for my present. At Christmas this past year I made him wait until at least Christmas Eve but I could get him to wait no longer.

My birthday turned out to be no different. He came home from buying the present and insisted I open it IMMEDIATELY. Truthfully, I do like to wait until the actual day (or at least the actual week!) but its also very hard to turn down presents. Especially when Morgan is making up such convincing reasons as, "well, when I walk by you'll see it".

I made him wrap it at least.

Yes, he did do this all by himself.

And the card is really, really nice. Even though it is only the bottom of a Winco shopping bag.

A camera! A nice, new D-SLR! Whoo hoo. I am crazy excited and fear that I might become one of those people who carry their giant cameras everywhere they go. Whatevs, I LOVE it.

C is awake now or I would post some pics I took this weekend. Stay tuned. Yes, you will be riveted. Promise!

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