Monday, April 26, 2010

A lovely weekend

We had such a nice weekend. Well, actually it was just a nice Sunday but it was SO nice that it makes up for a rather lackluster Saturday.

***Just deleted like, 8 paragraphs of absolute drivel. Trust me, you're welcome.***

Ok, so, where the hell was I? Oh yes, a good weekend.

In no particular order...
-bought my Ergo - yes, I do plan to be a hippy baby-wearer type parent. (cloth diapers too, baby!)
-purchased the Ergo with proceeds from a giant baby/maternity consignment sale from which I earned $135
-had an awesome time with Morgan and Conor, and yes, even Tucker, at the park.

***Just deleted another 3 paragraphs here. I seem to have a problem with concise writing lately.***
-Enjoyed a BBQ with great friends and great weather. And cupcakes!

Its raining again today but at least the weekend was perfect.

Oh! Got my CBEST test results back yesterday and I passed. Woo hoo! Grad school here I come!


geralyn said...

Big congrats Erin on your grad school admission test. You know that nana and papa are doing an Irish jig in Heaven celebrating for you!!!! They are soo proud of you and so am I! Love you!

Andria said...

Erin, hi! Congrats on the new baby-to-be! Niki has introduced me to blogs and it is opening up a whole new world for me. SO I was reading yours (super cute pics) and just had to tell you that I absolutely LOVE my ergo baby. My husband and I use it all the time. But what I loved, loved, loved (and miss terribly) is the Moby Wrap. I would wear Sam everywhere in that, but then he kept growing and growing (the kid is a giant now) so I had to stop using that long before I was ready. But, like I said, the ergo has been a great second carrier. Look in to the Moby if you haven't already for when Baby Walsh v2.0 is brand new. It intimidates some people because it looks complicated, but it is not. It is the coziest, snuggest, sweetest carrier.