Friday, May 7, 2010

Diaper Cakes and Other Pregnancy Related Freak Outs

So, I made a diaper cake.

Most of you know that I have one, very small creative bone in my body and it occasionally rears its ugly head and makes me feel bad about myself for not being one of those uber-creative people who can sew and scrapbook and doing otherwise crafty things. So, for Kristen's shower last weekend, I decided to make a diaper cake. If you're not sure what a diaper cake is, please see below.

But, before you do, I need to tell you a story. So, I decide that instead of a gift for the shower I"m going to make this diaper cake. Someone had made me one for me for my shower when we still lived in Arizona and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. So, I Googled "how to make a diaper cake" got my instructions and headed out to get the supplies.

So, I have all my supplies, diapers and ribbon and onesies and little shoes and wash cloths and pacifiers and baby bath soap and a bottle. Now mind you, this was last weekend when I had about a billion school-related things I needed to do but I decided I was going to work on the diaper cake instead. Its the dang creative bone again. So, I meticulously roll up 70-something diapers, secure them with rubber bands and ribbon, fashion a freaking three-tiered cake out of diapers and decorate it with all manner of baby related paraphenilia. And its so stinking cute! But it took me over two hours and I should have been doing homework so I'm already feeling a smidge guilty when I get a text from Walker (co-shower planner). And its a picture message! Of a diaper cake SHE had made! And its like 50 times cuter than mine! I don't know if she sprinkled it with freaking fairy dust but even in the cell phone camera image it looked like it was radiating light and hope and baby genius.

And so, instead of being normal and rational and saying "Oh good, Kristen gets two really cute diaper cakes", I lost my ever loving mind. And cried for an hour. Hmm, 'cried' doesn't really do it justice. I sobbed, first with my head down on the dining room table in prom-queen-who-gets-dumped-at-the-prom style, and then I sat on the (closed) toilet and sobbed into a roll of toilet paper. It was pathetic and embarassing and some small part of my rational brain kept saying "Erin, calm down, this is hormones. Take a deep breath, and pull yourself together." I do not have much patience for tears even (especially) when they are my own. But I was on the hormonal pregnancy roller coaster and there was no getting off.

So, there you have it. An hour long sobfest induced by a diaper cake. Which is actually pretty darn cute when looked at with slightly more objective eyes.

And, oh my goodness those little baby diapers are teeny!

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geralyn said...

I had no idea Krissy had a shower. Is she registered some place? I have to get something for her. What does she want and you too??????